Thursday, June 14, 2007

Digitally Delicious

OK, so the knee saga continues and has taken all of my attention for more months than I care to count. I have not posted in a long time. So sorry. Here is a short one as I try to ease back into my old routines.

The big news is that I have finally purchased a digital camera! Hooray! Rejoice in its splendor!

What to eat in the heat? BBQ, of course! These Kansas City Sweet & Sticky Pork Ribs are from Daisy May's BBQ USA.

These are my favorite ribs. Everything I love about ribs is right in the name.

I always prefer piggy ribs to cow ribs.

The sauce, oh the sauce! I really can't get into dry rub ribs. Or maybe I just haven't had good ones yet. All I know for sure is that I want to have a pile of sauce-stained napkins on my plate by the time I am finished eating. I want to have to lick my fingers clean. I do not want to choke on some powdery dry rub mix that gets stuck in between my nose and throat.

This BBQ sauce is a perfect combination of tangy, savory and sweet. The ribs have a tiny bit of heat that creeps up on you, but does not overwhelm. The meat slides off the bone with the slightest touch and is as tender as a loved ones' whisper. I like to pair mine with Mashed Potatoes w/Red Eye Gravy and Creamy Coleslaw.

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