Thursday, September 06, 2007

California Food Photo Album

Over the summer I went to California to visit Best Friend. I am very happy to finally be able to provide visuals of my favorite California treats (mentioned in previous posts):

The famous Cicero's sausage pizza.

(Please do not be disappointed by the fact that there is only a small amount of sausage towards the tip of the pizza. I am very well aware that I criticized Grimaldi's for inadequate topping distribution. I promise this is not usually the case with Cicero's. This happened because we ordered a pie that was only half sausage, so there is not the usual full coverage that I have come to know and love. I have learned my lesson and will never go halvsies again.)

The obscenely delicious Saigon Style Potstickers from Saigon City.

IN-N-OUT Burger

I have not yet posted about IN-N-OUT Burger, but while in Cali I flew down to LA for a day and was told that I couldn't leave without having said burger. We actually planned out our 24 hours so that I would be able to squeeze one in, albeit in the car, on the way back to the airport. I don't really eat much fast food these days, but this was one damn good burger, so I thought I would include it in my California Food Photo Album. Here's a bit of advice - skip the fries. They are unremarkable. I didn't even finish mine which says a lot because 1) I love fries so much that I can pretty much eat my body weight in fries (or any form of fried potato) and 2) I was raised in a family where it is a sin to waste food. These poor spuds went directly into the trash. Don't tell my mom.

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