Monday, June 16, 2008

Eating My Way Through Southeast Asia - Chapter 1: Singapore's most delicious meal

Anthony Bourdain was right. Sin Huat Eating House was phenomenal. Though our meal there was the most expensive of our trip, it was well worth it and I long for the day when I can return.

An unassuming little restaurant with plastic chairs. What I found most surprising about this fantastic place is that despite Bourdain's mouth-watering profile of the restaurant, not many people have heard of it. I guess there are just so many good eateries in Singapore that they are hard to keep track of!

This is what we ate there:

Scallops on the half shell with black bean sauce.

Sauteed greens.

Garlic Prawns - so fresh that the meat practically slid right out of the shell and into your mouth and oh, such garlicky goodness.

Crab Bee Hoon (Crab with vermicelli noodles). Without a doubt, the most delicious thing I tasted in Singapore. Like the prawns, the crab was extremely fresh and therefore very tender, sweet and not too difficult to pull from its shell.

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