Friday, August 29, 2008

Eating my way through Southeast Asia - Chapter 4: Vietnam, baby!

Ok, so if you have read any of my other posts, you know that Vietnamese food is my absolute favorite type of cuisine in the world. Needless to say, this was my favorite leg of the trip.

I will not subject you to photos of everything we ate, because, well, to be honest, we ate tons. Seriously. My knowledge of the vietnamese language is definitely lacking, but I am pretty sure that our waiters were laughing at us at every restaurant we went to, because we always ordered at least four or five dishes, even though there were only two of us! Here are photos of our old favorites (dishes we have loved for years) and new, exotic flavors that we tried.
The Old Favorites

Cafe Sua (Vietnamese coffee) -
A small cup that packs a huge punch. Sweetened with condense milk, it is sure to give you a burst of energy for lots of sightseeing.
Pho Bo -
A hearty, yet comforting beef soup with vermicelli noodles.

Nem Cua Be aka "Cha Gio" in the south (fried spring rolls) -
These are literally my favorite things on earth. Usually a combination of pork, shrimp (or crab), vermicelli, mushroom and bean sprout wrapped in rice paper and then fried to crispy perfection.

Spring roll upclose (mmm....)

The Exotic

Ca Sua Nuong Rieng Me (Crocodile fillet grilled with ginger and fermented rice) -

This was the first time I ever ate crocodile. It has a consistency that is in between calamari and chicken. A pretty good adventure, but I am not sure if I would order it again...

Den Men Chien Cari (Curry fried crickets) -

I know it sounds gross, but they were quite tasty! The worst part about eating them was finding cricket exoskeleton in between your teeth hours later...

Cricket up close. I don't think I can ever watch "Pinnochio" again...

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